Want to feel less anxious
and more calm?

I'm offering my paid program FREE for 2021. 
Watch the video below to learn more:

Are you a worrier?
Maybe you think that's just who I am ... and despite all the scented candles, spa music and Sleepytime Tea ... nothing seems to work for very long when you try it?

You need to try my Worry Fix. In this 5 day training, I'll teach you how to:

  • Spent less time worrying.
  • Be more present and less distracted.
  • Be more proactive in solving real and imagined problems.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Worry Fix Workbook
  • The Worry Fix eBook
  • Five Daily Email Lessons
  • Five Instructional Videos
  • Let it Go Guided Meditation Audio
  • Two Inspirational Posters (Printable)
  • Greater peace of mind ... yes, really!

What People are Saying

You’ll Be Surprised by the Results

"The Worry Fix helps us put things into perspective and having a system to sort our worries means we don't feel so overwhelmed. I recommend this short program to anyone whether you think you are struggling or not. You’ll be surprised by the positive results."

Victoria, BC

Perfect for when you are overwhelmed

"The structure of small actionable steps is perfect for this day and time when everyone is overwhelmed! It gives such a tangible way work with what's rambling around in the mind. The meditation was lovely!!!!"

Roswell, GA

I never considered my thoughts as being manageable

"The Worry Fix is practical, positive and powerful. It helped me to shift to understanding how I can manage my thoughts and stop wasting precious energy on worrying."

Qualicum Beach, BC
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